Sunday, February 6, 2011

Corrupt Clergy serving their 'human' Masters: A safer bet as God forgives, Mubarak does not.

Al-Tayyeb: Al-Azhar Senior sheikh
The most senior Al-Azhar clergy, Ahmad Al-Tayyeb criticizes Iran's clergy for making [political] statements, using their 'religious authority'; statements which, in his opinions, contradicts the explicit statements of Quran and Prophetic teachings as well as the 'consensus' of the Muslim nation.
That usually means that Iranians made statements along the lines: "Demonstrators good - Mubarak bad"!
Of course, when Al-Tayyeb makes statements along the line of "Mubarak good - demonstrators bad", that is a totally different thing.
The pot calling the kettle ........

Moreover, if one knows 'the explicit statements of the Quran' they would knows that Al-Tayyeb either lies with out shame, or he is not fully aware of the content of the Quran.

And, one more thing: What consensus??? If Iran Clergy had a different opinion (be it right or wrong), that means there is no 'Islamic' consensus on the issue. If their opinion does not count, they are not an authority.  So, I am not sure what his point is.

I guess, Al-Tayyeb expertise is more in 'how to serve one's masters till the last breath, and not in Quranic studies or logic.

Egypt's Grand Mufti: Ali Jum'a
And, not to be outdone, Egypt's Mufti, Ali Jum'a issues an opinion that democracy and protests are OK 'as long as they do not interrupt peoples lives, and not add to unemployment!'.  But when it comes to his master's ruling Egypt for 30 years while the country went downhill, with rampant poverty, vanishing infrastructure, and unemployment (direct and indirect) estimated to be aver 40%; the 'grand' Mufti had no opinion on that.

There are many Egyptian sayings to describe people like those clergy, some are beneath my standards, even when I am as angry as I am, but a milder one would be: "Feed the mouth, and their eyes would not dare look critically at you أطعم الفم , تستحي العين ".  I guess Mubarak feeds them well.

Saudi Mufti
Saudi Arabia Mufti, of course, had to have some input as well, but I generally would not care to comments on Saudi Arabia religious edicts, unless they are comical, which happens a lot.  This one unfortunately, is plain stupid, and not funny.  So, just take my words for it: it is as stupid as the opinions of his Egyptian counter parts.  Additionally, it makes sure that the word 'Fitna' (popular word for the conservative Muslim demagogues) is thrown in, associated with the word 'demonstrations', which he describes as  Haram, i.e., religiously forbidden by divine commandments!!!! (See links below in Arabic).

Some men of God these ones are!


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  1. Organized religion????? The more we know about these so called religious leaders; the more we lose faith in religion.

  2. What did u expect. This "guy" gets his salary the first of every month signed by someone, who is finally under Hosny. It is like someone asks one of your employees to negatively creticize your performance.
    There is no freedom of expression, or of religion.
    The only way to have find a Sheikh, who confront the government, is to have him non-dependent on their salary. The way it was before Gamal Abdel Naser crushed Al-Azhar Sheikhdom, and made it a branch of the executive branch -that if there were other branches-, and the Mufti does not his living from a fund independent from the government.

  3. this is what happens when a religious figure is endorsed into the political bureaucracy..especially in a rotten system..he;s just another NDP advocate who by chance knows about the religion so the party gave him a name to have religious rhetoric on their side..good thing that this system is rotting away though :)..

    khaled, i found a song written for this revolution by "Mohamed Mounir" ..

  4. Thanks a million Salma. I already posted it on FB, and will putting it on the Forum blog in a minute.
    We are all still praying for the revolution. May victory be coming soon.