Saturday, February 5, 2011

Great idea for Egypt: sub-lease Mubarak to the idiots that admire him.

Mubarak as most Egyptians see him
I am baffled: Democracy is supposed to bring good elements (with, hopefully average IQ at least) to government.  But, if that is the case how would idiots like Biden, Blair and Berlusconi made it?

According to them Mubarak is (1) not a dictator, and not only (2) a courageous man, but apparently (3) a very wise one too.

Those darn Egyptian ingrates!  They do not appreciate the jewel they have.  Mubarak deserves a different kind of people.  He sacrifices 30 years of his life ruling them, yet they do not appreciate it.

Mubarak in his wise man look
Oh, Wait a second: I just had a brilliant idea: how about sending him for an additional 6 year term of non-dictatorial, courageous and wise leadership in each of the lovely countries of US, UK and whatever the hell Berlusconi leads.
(Note: I used to think Berlusconi was leading Italy, but I cannot imagine Italians are that dumb to elect him in the first place, and them re-elect him.  So, I must be wrong about that!).

So, remember that you heard about it first on my blog: Egypt should franchised it wise guy to any one that admires him.  They will do it for free.  Any takers?



  1. This is humorous, but why a revolt now? Freedom of speech, religion and 'the rule of law' are concidered the three pillars of Democracy. How does Islamic Law restrict these, since that is a basis for rule of law?

  2. What a great idea. Egyptians can double or triple dip, sublease him to to more than place at once, following the same rule of deceit, lying, and cheating he has been practicing all his 30 years of ruling. Egypt. Others might be interested, Abbas of Palestine, a big faction here who thing that our interest, and Israel's interest is more important than getting the Egyptian people out of "slavery"
    May be we can borrow those tactics of mid-nite TV commercials, and throw in Omar Sulieman, and the rest of the cabinet, for half , or the same price. May be we can find some takers.