Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Coptic Pope is still embracing Mubark warmly. Thank God many Copts don't.

Even at a time when the will of the people of Egypt (Muslims and Christians, religious and secular, men and women) is heard loud and clear allover the world, The Coptic Orthodox Pope Shnouda III is sending greeting and his 'people's' support to the criminal dictator.
The story on the street, on the internet and on TV is telling us that Egyptians Christians are as determined as Egyptian Muslims not to let go until the dictator leave.  Thank God for real Egyptians: all of them.
Here is some of the text of the report:
أعلن بابا الإسكندرية وبطريرك الكرازة المرقسية شنودة الثالث أمس الأحد تأييده للرئيس المصري حسني مبارك، الذي يواجه انتفاضة شعبية تتصاعد وتيرتها يوما بعد يوم.
وقال شنودة الثالث في تصريح للتلفزيون المصري الرسمي "اتصلنا بالرئيس وقلنا له كلنا معك والشعب معك. فليحفظه الله لمصر".
 And in English:
"The Pope of Alexandria Shnouda III announces yesterday [Sunday] his support for the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak who faces a popular uprising that is escalating on daily basis.
Shnouda III announce in a talk for the government-controlled Egyptian TV that: ... We contacted the President and told him that  we all are with you, the people are with you.  May God keep him for Egypt"
I have one word for the Coptic Pope that places large photo of Mubarak next to his Crucifix:
Shame on you.
Out of respect for my fellow Christian Egyptians who are on the streets risking their lives to save Egypt from the hands of a dictator that their Pope endorses, I would have no further comments, for now.



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  1. Another fool.Who made this guy a pope? What are his qualifications? Does he have any followers? Just a whole bunch of fools and the stupid leading the fools.

  2. They are probably claiming that such a dictator is better then the alternative -- an intolerant postmodern supposed 'fundamentalist' or 'radical'.

  3. i read what you posted on face book about the pope Shenouda.
    I wonder why they interfere in politics, he can say his opinion as a citizen but don't implicate the people in it. I think religious people are here to help people with their spiritual life .....period. They don't have and should not tell any body how to live what to say what to eat or dress. We will do a great leap if we can separate church and state. high high time for people to take the responsibility of their life, their relation with God and their role in life.
    God help us all and bless Egypt and all people His own creation, His own family.

  4. I believe he will say the same thing to the next leader. He is not being attached, he is just not sure what to do. He should have kept his mouth shut and I believe he would want to swallow his words now.