Friday, February 22, 2008

Muslim Brotherhood Announce Their Participation in Local Elections and Abandon the Slogan of 'Islam is the Solution'

"MB [muslim Brotherhood] General Guide Mohamed Mahdi Akif in a press conference held at his office said: "We decided to participate in the elections to carry out God's will and to save the nation, despite the arrest campaigns that MB is subjected to."He added: "There are 400 MB detainees because of the upcoming elections, but this will not prevent us from participating strongly and effectively," explaining that the Guidance Office would not disclose the names of candidates and would not raise the slogan of 'Islam is the Solution', but would rather raise slogans against corruption and price rises"
An interesting bit of news from The Egyptian Today (Almasry Alyoum) newspaper published in Cairo. The most interesting part is that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood decided to drop the slogan they held for decades "Islam is the Solution". What that means, practically, will not be obvious for some time. I hope it signals a change from the customary lip service they pay to their principles, toward finding if they can come up with practical and implementable solutions to peoples everyday problems. But if it is anything like the usual Egyptian politics, it is likely to be substituting one slogan for another, so I will not hold my breath.


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