Saturday, February 23, 2008

Obamaphobia in Israeli Press

"There's still this lingering Israeli and Jewish phobia that a Black politician, especially one who earlier in his career was sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians might revert to his earlier positions and turn his back on Israel. The very notion is ridiculous because (unfortunately) no one can become President of the United States without being slavishly pro-Israel whether they wanted to be or not. There's just too much Jewish campaign money on the table and too much lobbying power from the likes of AIPAC and other Israel lobby groups."

This is a very nice article from the well-established progressive Jewish blogger Richard Silverstein. He is a straight talker, and a joy to read. He is a big fan of Obama, and he did not take well to the racist cartoon of the major Israeli newspaper, Maariv.
Read the full posting on Richard Silverstien's Tikun Olam Blog


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