Saturday, February 13, 2016

Many things are gone, but not what we hoped for on Feb 11 2011

On a glorious day, I and many others felt the world has changed; that the will of people managed to take down a cancer called Mubarak and his criminal regime of corrupt military, security forces, judiciary and aristocracy.
We truly thought he was gone.  
We truly thought Egypt was ready for a fresh start.

And We were wrong, and wrong big time.   Military Cancer is never gone.

Since then, many other things have gone, though.
Gone was the warm feelings about the country.
Gone was the hope in a fairer future.
But more painfully: GONE was the trust in the intentions and judgment of many people that were once beyond the slightest doubt.

In many ways for me, January 2011 revolution in Egypt is dead, but it has been what I call "an illuminating event".

It was a moment when the 'rubber hit the road'; the moment when it becomes obvious who thinks and acts in the light of guiding principles of equality, freedom and justice for all, and those that do not.
Revolutions may success and revolutions may fail.  And when they fail, it hurts.  
But it is the people's near-collective betrayal of universal principle of conscience that leaves the deepest wound.

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