Software by Khaled

These are some small programs that I wrote for fun.  

KhaledWare: This is the web site where the collection is hosted.
But you can download directly by clicking below:
    1. Murshid dowload (1.1 MB): Quran (Arabic and English, with search capability, prayer time, and Qibla direction from any location
    2. Murshid Auto-Installer (1.4 MB): As above, with auto instalation for simplicity
    3. Prayer Aid download (250 KB only): Gives prayer times and Qibla direction in high precision based on your longitude and latitude with a database of 200 cities built in.
    4. Arabic4Fun : A fun program that converts your name into different types of arabic script  and gives option to imprint it into pictures of your choice.
     There is also some Islam-related PDF files that I put together and that I hope would be useful to some of you.  
    1. Quran, Translation and Transliteration.pdf Quran in Arabic, with transliteration and 2 translations: M Asad and A Yusuf Ali 
    2. Quran  Translations.pdf : Quran in Arabic (with Tashkeel) and 3 translations, side by side: M Asad, A Yusuf Ali, and M Pickthal