Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sit This One Out, Please - for REAL People's Sake

I am not optimistic about any real change on the ground this coming January 25th.  I will be praying for success, but I know the odds are not at all good - pretty slim in fact- and the price to be paid by the REAL revolutionaries will be very high.  But I hope for some success to keep the flame alive for a little longer.

Just please, do not go out if you were one of those that called for and cheered the revolt and military coup against the outcome of of Jan 2011 REVOLUTION.  You mostly are still mincing your words about where you stand, and spending more time finding excuses, rather than doing soul searching where you went wrong.  And,  YOU WERE WRONG.

So, go back to your crying over what is wrong with 'the other countries' than the one country that counts for you, and to your reminiscence over a deluded past that carried nothing good except for select aristocrats, military or royal, or whatever makes you happy with yourself.
Please, for REAL people's sake, sit this 'January Spirit Event' out.  You help KILL the last one anyway.
May God be with this one. 

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