Monday, August 22, 2011

Somehow, Israel will not be there for a long time.

Another good article by the always-level-headed Akiva Eldar. Unfortunately, and despite people like him, Israel is doomed no matter how many nuclear weapons or superpowers are at its disposal. Arrogance and supremacy are ingrained in Israeli mindset - and that is inconsistent with long-term survival.  Remember apartheid South Africa, anyone?
When Israeli arrogance meets Arab honor - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News
Back to my 2 cents.  Few weeks ago, and on exposure to some of the recurring expressions of Israeli arrogance and hubris, I thought that modern day Israelis owe it to the millions of their ancestor victims of the holocaust that they have a state today, otherwise the world would have hardly swallowed the idea of gathering world Jews into another people's land.
The shame is that most modern day Israelis, and many of their arrogant supporters in the world will not leave behind a great prospect for their grand children.  Exercise of arrogance, excessive use of power, and abuse of the blessing of wealth and world sympathy for decades leave the future of their grand children very likely as uncertain in that part of the world as the prospects of their ancestors having their own country were before the twenties century.  The scars of the last 60 years will not be forgotten anytime soon.

For things to remain as good for Israel as it were over the last several decades, a lot has to remain the same.  But, as history teaches us, not much remains the same: not world superpowers, not the deluded Western public opinion, not the vogue of Christian Zionism, not Arab submissiveness, and definitely not Arab dictatorships.
I am not saying that the world is ripe now for any big change, but I know that in 50-60 years, the Middle East map will not look the same.  Israel still has a chance to be a 'normal' part of the Middle East but it does not listen to its many wise voices.  

The racist, bigoted, power-drunk voices are a lot louder and they have the podium.  That is where Israel's end is coming from.

There will ALWAYS be Palestine and Palestinians. Israel as we know it today is a transient phenom. 


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