Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Change For Egypt: A re-post from Salma's Blog

This a great post by Sala, the young Egyptian blogger I mentioned several times before.  I like the way she writes. And the way she expresses her thoughts are very moving.  She, gracefully, gave me permission to re-post her latest blog entry.

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Change for Egypt..

I do not even know how to start this post..i am over-whelmed by all the love i am seeing from Egyptians towards their country...

I was recently thinking of what may happen if Mubarak decided to leave this minute..will people just go home and wait for elections...and the next morning will be just another day that the sun rises upon where education is poor, pollution fills the land and air, an economy that has just fell apart..and the same people who have corruption for a culture because of the many years that they have been soaked in lies...
Just as this thought was lingering in my mind, i was added to a group on Facebook with the name "Misr 2020" ...
Young people who decided to make real change in this country post-protests...making plans to change people because the protests were only the wind that blew away the rotten system, but what about the rotted minds of children who got little or no education, rotted consciences of people who are used to bribes and "wasayet" in any of their daily transactions because thats the way they got it the past 30 years (which is to some people, their whole lives)...Ideas on this group are starting to pour in, things like introducing JCIMUN (Junior Cairo International Model United Nations) or any of the other extra-curricular activities which builds awareness and personality..or sweeping the streets of Cairo and picking up the garbage from them...or making awareness campings to fight the corruption within every structure in the society, whether the political, educational, social, or economic structure...As i was browsing this group in astonishment, i was invited to an event, that calls for Egyptians to invest in the stock market to save our economy..then groups and invitations started pouring in on me...i really was awe-inspired..

World, Egyptians are not going to quit until they rise with their country to the status it deserves..
As everyone was giving up on the people of this country, we have proven that we deserve so much better, that we refuse to be led as cattle, and that we could revive Egypt's greatness..
Once again, may God bless our great country and its great people...
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Keep an eye on her blog.  She is worth following.  I only hope she writes more often.


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