Monday, December 27, 2010

"The United States of FaceBook" versus Palestine

 Deputy FM: 'The state of Facebook' is more real than Palestine 
Thus spake the 'genius' deputy foreign minister of Israel.
Referring to recent announcements by several Latin American countries that declared recognition a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, the deputy foreign minister opined that any such Palestinian state was as virtual one as the popular social network.
"Facebook is the 'like' state, and so is the Palestinian state recognized in Brasilia and Buenos Aires," said Ayalon.
"The state of Facebook is more real that the Palestinian state which would be created unilaterally without negotiation with the elected government in Jerusalem," said Ayalon.
My comment: It is hard to find a decent and publishable response to official idiots like that one.  For an official of a country that was 'created' by force only 60 years ago after over 2000 years in diaspora, a country that was, and still is, sustained by outsiders (Jewish and some Christians expediting the end of times so that Jesus can come convert or destroy Jew), and a country that relied and still relies of the sense of guilt of the West to survive, I would say it is pretty cheeky of Ayalon, the idiot deputy FM of Israel, to talk the way he did.  But I am accustomed to his idiocy and the idiocy of his boss, Avigdor Lieberman after few years of those 2 clowns being rubbed in the face of the world.

If Israel is cut off outside support, for example the way pre-war Iraq was Israel, as we know it, will vanish in 5-10 years with no chance of recovery.

On the other hand, Palestinians have been getting the short end of the deal from Arabs, Muslims, the West, the East and everybody till very recently.  And despite deportations, occupation, land confiscation, its corrupt leader and the largest scale media smear efforts, and the largest operation of brain washing of  the Western public in history Palestinians are STILL there, and they will ALWAYS be there.

Because they are real people and a real nation, no matter what Ayalon thinks.
With the way Israel is heading, none of what helped 'create and sustain it' is going to last,  Any one wants to bet about the Middle East in 50 years: Which countries will be there and which ones will be history - again?




  1. Khaled,

    Instead of writing "some Christians", you should write "many Christians" because there are probably 10 times as many Evangelical/Christian Zionists than there are Jews in the world.

  2. I agree with you Mike, although you would be more accurate if we are talking about North America. The rest of the Christian world is still more immune to those ideas.

  3. My guess is that moderate Christians (the entire Roman Catholic faith, Eastern Orthodox traditions, and the many traditional Protestant denominations such as Episcopalisn, Methodist, Presbyterians)far outnumber the fundamentalist "evangelical" Christian groups in the US.

    Those more moderate seek to live lives espoused by Jesus, embodying love and compassion, and would be shocked by the comments of the Jewish Foreign Ministry.

  4. Thanks Harry for the comment and correction.
    I think that Mike is correct about Zionist Christians outnumbering Jews - I do not know by how many folds but they sure are vocal beyond what their numbers are, and possibly more politically influential too.
    I would like also to make clear that I think Evangelical Christians are not necessarily Zionist Christians (although the followers of Pat Robertson and John Hagee undoubtedly are both). I prefer to use the term Zionist Christian to Evangelical in that context to make clear that what concerns me is their political stance towards Palestinians, rather than their Evangelical Christian beliefs.
    Would you correct me Harry if I am wrong about the dissociation bout Evangelical and Zionist Christianity.