Saturday, December 18, 2010

Interesting Muslim Web sites in the West - addendum to a previous post about Moderate Muslims

In my previous post, the issue of why moderate Muslims are no where to be notices most of the time was discussed. Just for fun, I went through my browser bookmarks and chose some of the sites I collected over a period of time.

Some of them I check regularly, some I do not follow closely.  But it is a 'sampler' of the diversity in web sites and bogs that Muslims are contributing too or founded and maintain.

The listing is small, and I do not positively of negatively endorse any site as I do not know the content of every web page and every posting.

One exception to the previous sentence is the first one on the list: The American Muslim (TAM).  It is a growing compilation of huge number of article from allover the cyberspace written by Muslims or by people highly educated about Islam though no Muslims themselves.  The scope is huge, and the site is very well organized.  I strongly endorse visiting it and using it as a resource.

If you find some of those offensive to common sense and decency, please let me know with enough info to give me a chance to judge for myself before taking action.

If you have a website to recommend, put it in a comment, I will check it and mad add it to the list


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