Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) put their dirty foot in their mouth.

Abraham Foxman
I never liked the ADL.  Somehow they send a vibe of sneaky, dishonest and unprincipled opportunism.  No matter what subject they meddle in, their stance reeks of pure cheeky pro-Israel propaganda (i.e., Hasbara) coated with an ultra-thin layer of civil rights defense.

The only demonstration I organized was against their ugly head, Abraham Foxman who was invited - by some people who like pushing the envelope - to speak as a keynote speaker before St Louis Interfaith Partnership.
It was a joke to invite the head of a so-called civil right advocacy group who - was a week earlier in Israel to support their bloody deliberate assault on Lebanon civilians and infrastructure - to be the key note speaker in an annual meeting of INTERFAITH organization.  It was a slap in the faith to St. Louis Muslim community.

The logic of pro-Israel apologists is usually that anything a loud-mouth pro-Israel lobbyist does is an example of sublime morality, innocence and thoughtfulness.  And if you do not like... Well, that is because you are an anti-Semite - or a self-hating Jew, depending of the circumstances.

I am very happy that the shameful Anti Defamation League has recently opened its out only to put its dirty foot in it.
Their stance is deliberate, and 'well argued' -so it will be very difficult for them to spin it into something like: 'it was taken of of context'  or 'it was an impulsive low-level and unauthorised person who did it, and we fire him'.   This one is sticking - and it shows the real ADL: bigoted and hypocritical, just as I always suspected.
The statement contains a sentence that will go done their history as a landmark of their hypocrisy:
"But ultimately this is not a question of [civil] rights, but a question of what is right."
Coming for this 'pretend' civil rights group, it is a statement that makes you want to vomit.  Of course, from their perspective 'what is right' is usually what they deem it to be so.

What they did is not sitting  well with many progressive Jewish voices and they are outspoken against it.  Jeffrey Blankfort has an excellent post on the wonderful MondoWeiss blog about the ADL and thier dirty history.
Other postings on the same great blog cover other aspects of the issue.
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And by Paul Crugman in the New York Times Blog
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It is nice to see an ugly face finally lose the half-pound of make-up it is hiding behind.



Zakaria poses thr question:"Does Foxman believe that bigotry is OK if people think they're victims? Does the anguish of Palestinians, then, entitle them to be anti-Semitic?"
And I, Khaled, may add: Does the Jewish suffering during the holocaust justify the racism and bigotry that Palestinian face on daily basis in there own occupied historic Homeland?


  1. The ADL has been criticized by several prominent Jewish journalists, blogs, and journals. As you mentioned, Paul Krugman, but also Jonathan Chait of The New Republic, Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic, and I know the Baltimore Jewish Times supported the mosque in the editorial.

    I don't think this has anything to do with Israel. Goldberg has been called a neo-con by MondoWeiss on numerous occasions. Yet Goldberg defended the mosque.

  2. I know Jewish journalist have done that and I linked to several.
    Yes Michael. The grond zero mosque debate is not about Israel. The ADL is.