Friday, August 6, 2010

American victim of our Israeli Masters finally speaks out.

Emily Henochowicz is a Jewish American young woman who was in the occupied Palestinian Territory at the time the Israeli 'Defence' Forces slaughtered several Turkish civilians and one American  in the Gaza flotilla largest ship, Mavi Marmara.  In the protests that erupted in Ramallah the following day, that young art student lost her left eyes after a member of the Israeli 'Defence' Forces aimed his gas canister gun directly at unarmed demonstrators and, simply, pulled the trigger.

Emily Henochowicz
The Israeli Masters are usually accustomed to violently responding to Palestinians even when they are peacefully protesting. And if Israeli response leads to death of a little girl or an old man, or the maiming of scores of young Palestinians, that is still OK - safety of the masters is of utmost importance and takes priority over the lives and well being of an Arab or even many Arabs.

Violence by Israeli bullies against Arabs is not usually the bullies are held accountable for.  And if a soldier or an officer is unlucky enough to be taped while, for example, shooting an Arab who is a hand-cuffed and blind-folded at short range (Reuters Video), the worse that could happen is usually moving them to another 'Defence' unit where they can resume their 'offensive activities.  For the Israeli masters, good life must go on.

This time it was an American young woman - and a Jewish one -  that got injured.  She lost her left eye, and is lucky she is alive.  Yet, hell did not open loose for the Israeli cowards that feel they can abuse Arabs without fear of any accountability.

The fact that she is American did not make any difference.  The fact that she is Jewish, and that her father is an Israeli did not make much difference either. Our US government did not summon the Israeli ambassador, or issue an immediate strong denouncement of the violence against unarmed civilian American woman.  They usually save their convulsions for Iran as they did after Iran's government repression of protests by domestic opposition after the last Iranian elections.

I guess in the hierarchy, Israel trumps not only Arabs and their interest, but also Americans and their interests.  Some cowardly government and politicians we have.

Sadly,  it is not only the US government; the main stream media that did not pay any attention to one of their own citizens violently abused by a friendly government that we send aid to, and protect in all international venues at the expense of our own interest.  Yet we behave as if they are our masters.

Emily Henochowicz was interviewed recently by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now and it is worth watching.




  1. Where is the ADL?

  2. The ADL is busy working on the spin strategy to make opposition to Iran war look like it is an act of antisemitism.
    As the wise saying goes, they will not be able to fool everybody all the time. their opposition to the mosque in New York actually is a good thing as it put a dent in the fake benevolence they managed to project for so long and deceived many Americans. A lot more people see things more clearly now, and they would whatever the ADL says in the future with more than a grain of salt.