Friday, March 14, 2008

Ten Commandments for Arab and Jew at war - Haaretz

Ten Commandments for Arab and Jew at war. By Bradley burston -Haaretz
"It helps little that each side lays claim to ultimate morality and consummate victimhood. For Palestinian Muslim and Israeli Jew both, many of the most strident calls for escalation, for war until absolute victory, for refusal to compromise, for justifying injury to civilians on the other side, in fact, for eradication, political or physical, of the other side, come from ultra-nationalist religious leaders.
With radicalism at the clerical level having tainted and to some extent warped both Islam and Judaism, perhaps now is the time for the rest of us believers to put in our two cents.
Herewith, a first draft: Ten Commandments for the Arab and Jew at war:"
The author then follows with elaboration of his list of proposed commandments. It is difficult for most reasonable people to disagree with that list.
I, as a human, and as a Muslim agree with him on each and every commandment
"1. Thou shalt not kill the civilian
2. Neither shall you use civilians as human shields.

3. Thou shalt not worship the use of force, nor mistake revenge for self-defense.....
And my personal favorite, number 10
"10. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain
The clergyman - rabbi, reverend or imam ? who counsels hatred for the other, who preaches that the Lord is on the side of wider and deeper war, is not a man of God.
The man of the cloth who dismisses the beliefs of the other, the history of the other, the validity of the other's faith-based claim to this land, is not a man of God."
Read the full list and his 'commentary' on Haartz
Ten Commandments for Arab and Jew at war - Haaretz

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