Monday, March 17, 2008

When Experts Spoke on Iraq

The quotations are from a web-only article on The Nation website, by Victor Navasky & Christopher Cerf presenting their new book:
Some pretty amusing statement by the engineers of the quagmire.
So far,
  • THOUSANDS of American lives were lost
  • HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of Iraqi lives were lost
  • near a TRILLION of DOLLARS was spent (primarily out of tax-payers pockets and into weapons manufacturers accounts).
More people get killed in New York every night than get killed in Baghdad
. The fact of life is that there will never besuch a thing as one hundred percent security--it doesn't exist.
L. Paul Bremer III
Director of the Coalition Provisional Authority
August 2003.

"It is unimaginable that the United States would have to contribute hundreds of billions of dollars and highly unlikely that we would have to contribute even tens of billions of dollars."
Kenneth Pollack
former director for Persian Gulf affairs -National Security Council
September 2002

"The costs of any intervention would be very small."
Glenn Hubbard
White House economic adviser
October 4, 2002

"When it comes to reconstruction, before we turn to the American taxpayer, we will turn first to the resources of the Iraqi government and the international community."
Donald Rumsfeld
Secretary of Defense
March 27, 2003
You would probably hear less hype in some 'Bait & Switch' schemes.
If it were not for these little annoying details (lost Lives and $$$) I mentioned at the beginning, some of those statements may even make you laugh.
With people that clever at the helm, I am surprised we are not in deeper mess (if there were any mess that is deeper).
And do you know what is even more painful? NONE of the war engineers left office in shame. And, who knows, we may find some of them in a coming administration, to help finish the job they started.

Read the full article, with more quotations on the Nation website.
The Experts Speak on Iraq- The Nation

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