Monday, January 25, 2016

Ten minutes to midnight

When the clock reads ten minutes to midnight, then something happens. Something special that reminds you that it is really 'ten minutes to midnight' in a grand fatalistic sense.
The heart begins to recall all the regrets.
The soul yearns for a second chance that will never come again.
And, the mind - that cruel master - hits the breaks on the heart and soul, reminding you of all what made you what you are today, and why you should not fall apart, why you must endure. 
"It is only 10 more minutes to midnight.", says the creul one!
Then your mind bribes you with a piece of 'memory candy', to help you forget the cruelty of the reality check. The 'memory candy' could be a song you fell in love with the first time you heard it, and have loved it since then, one of those songs you hear once, and they become part of you.... forever.

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