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We are nice. But if you do not like us, we will force you to. - On the BDS and Israeli proto-fascism

It must be hard to feel that you are great, and yet that you have to have Every One's approval and acceptance, even the people you occupy and oppress.  I think Israel hunger to get even the 'terrorists' to accept tit as legitimate is a manifestation of that.

Israel has more nuclear weapons that China, exports more weapons that France and Britain, is able to occupy concurrently parts of three countries without anyone frowning, executes others (enemy or civilians), extra-judicially and extra-territorially with impunity, and manipulates the governments of the world (including the US While House and Congress) as if they are manipulating puppets.  Yet, the tiny bit of non-recognition by Hamas, or the tiny bit of disapproval by the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement seem  like an existential threat to them.  Although, to Israel, every thing always seemed like an existential threat anyway, including - but not limited to - emotional rejection.

 I had to laugh a month ago when Israel and the West Bank settlers were threatening the Palestinian authority when the PA was floating the idea of boycotting goods manufactured by settlersIt is like taking hostages, use them as slave labor to make products that you then force the slaves to buy, and penalize them if the would not!!!

Academic and artistic boycott (described by ultra-Zionists as intellectual terrorism!!), in addition to economic boycott (also called economic terrorism by the same clowns) is gaining more and more grounds as the illegitimacy of the Israeli stance is becoming too stinky to hide.

And while the economic impact on Israel will never be dramatic, it is that eternal sense of illegitimacy that will always haunt Israel and make them ultra-sensitive to rejection.

This article from the British Guardian presents the reaction of the Israeli regime to the local supporters of the BDS movement within Israel - the righteously Israeli Jews that see through the fog of the Zionist propaganda.
Here are some excerpt from the guardian article.
Israeli academics hit back over bid to pass law that would criminalize them
An academic backlash has erupted in Israel over proposed new laws, backed by the government of Binyamin Netanyahu, to criminalise a handful of Israeli professors who openly support a campaign against the continuing occupation of the West Bank.
... A proposed bill introduced into the Israeli parliament – the Knesset – would outlaw boycotts and penalise their supporters. Individuals who initiated, encouraged or provided support or information for any boycott or divestment action would be made to pay damages to the companies affected. Foreign nationals involved in boycott activity would be banned from entering Israel for 10 years, and any "foreign state entity" engaged in such activity would be liable to pay damages.
... Adi Oz, culture editor on the Tel Aviv weekly Ha'ir, appeared on Israeli national radio explaining her support for recent boycott activity. "When the Pixies cancelled their concert here I was disappointed," she says. "But I was not critical of the Pixies, I was critical of our government, because they are responsible for Israel's isolation."
There is a building momentum to restrict their freedom to dissent, a tendency described by some Israeli journalists and thinkers as 'proto-fascism'.  Although, in my mind and to most Palestinians and many Arab Israelis, there is nothing 'proto' (or early phase in plain English) about the Israeli regime fascism.  Palestinians have suffered from it, i.e., franc fascist behavior, for many decades.

It cannot be put in a better way than how Uri Avnery put it in 'A little Red Light'
In our present situation there are some dangerous indications. The last war showed a further decline in our moral standards. The hatred towards Israel’s Arab minority is on the rise, and so is the hatred towards the occupied Palestinian people who are suffering a slow strangulation. In some circles, the cult of brute force is gaining strength. The democratic regime is in a never-ending crisis. The economic situation may descend into chaos, so that the masses will long for a “strongman”. And the belief that we are a “chosen people” is already deeply rooted.

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  1. I wonder if -and how many- people are listening to voices like yours, or those who you are quoting. The situation is very bad, continued to get worse.
    The Israeli government, and policies -The Teflon system- of occupation, and subjugating the people who used live, and those who managed to stay there against all odds.
    I am not optimistic at all, because every time anything happens, which may wake up the whole world to the truth, here comes back a shrewd politician, or whatever, to remind us of what happened to the Jews in WW II, or whatever else. using the "water proof" labels like anti-Semitic label, to put the whole world back into the court of having all the sympathy and excuses for that unlawful, illegal government. It may call itself "the only democracy in the Middle East", but the fact that they are ruling people without representation, and occupying others' lands, I don't believe that anyone can call that it is democracy at all