Monday, May 3, 2010

Deeply hated, and should be very proud of it

A middle aged Christian black President, and a older Jewish white man of God from California: what do these two men have in common?

Both are hated, and both should be very proud of it. Let me explain.

Mankind is programmed to essentially enjoy being liked. If you think this is not the case, just imagine how much more difficult it would be to build a society or a community of any kind if we all tend to enjoy being disliked by others.

If mankind is defined as a social animal, that automatically means they are programmed to enjoy the positive feedback (in this case, gestures that others like you), and therefore you do things that trigger that response (i.e., nice things that others like).

And, voila: you have a society.

Still there are times when you are the proudest of yourself when someone viscerally hates you.

Your character is frequently defined by the kind of people that choose you as a friend. In other instances, your character is defined by the kind of people that hate you.

The strongest endorsement that you are on the right track is when the people you consider hateful, oppressor and criminally-minded actually put you in their cross-hair.

Two sets of events led me to write about this.
Barack Obama has been at the receiving end of a lot of hate. Criminally-minded and racist Christian and Jewish extremists hate his guts. From slanders during his presidential election campaign, to the racist remarks aimed at him on regular basis by the same idiots in response to his policies.

The most recent of those hate episodes comes from people with strong attachment to a foreign power that tries its best to manipulate American policies to its advantage: our beloved ally, Israel.

Jewish extremist both in the united states and in Israel have announced last week that they will be burning effigies in the shape of Obama during one of their ‘religious’ celebrations.
I cannot imagine any one can describe what happened better than Haaretz writer Bradley Burston:
… a cluster of people here, people who cloak themselves in the garb of the pious, have decided to marry their furious loathing of Barack Obama to the custom of their faith, and to do what some in America have been doing for more than a year now: Hating Barack Obama as a new form of religious observance.

Once, on the holiday of Lag B'Omer, which falls this Saturday night, children cast into bonfires images of Adolf Hitler and others who have preached and in some cases practiced the mass killing of Jews.

This year, ahead of the Saturday night observance, professed followers of Meir Kahane have openly boasted of preparing effigies of the American president for distribution and incineration in bonfires across the country.
And while the Jewish terrorists were doing that in the Occupied Palestinian land, their New Yorker counterparts were exhibiting paranoia, hate, and abominable morality in the streets of New York.

Watch an amazing video here – you will laugh at the stupidity and ignorance of people who think they are righteous yet have no shame acting as if possessed by Satan.

The final frame of the video displays this very profound quote by the late Israeli philosopher and out-spoken critic of Israeli values, Yeshayahu Leibowitz.
“Religious Nationalism to religion is what National Socialism [Nazi Party ideology] is to socialism”
Watch the video. You will not regret it.

As for the white Rabbi, his name is Michael Lerner. He is a long-time activist promoting peace in the Middle East. Being honest to his Jewish faith, he believes that loyalty to justice and truth trumps ethnic and clannish blind loyalty to Israel. He built a fantastic interfaith community, and is very vocal despite serious health problems that could shake a mountain.

The rabbi made the unforgivable mistakes of always looking at Palestinians as fellow human beings, of objecting to the occupation of Palestine, and of showing respect to judge Goldstone, who is deeply hated by pro-Israel fanatics for finding Israel at fault during Gaza war.

A little over a week ago, Rabbi Michael Lerner said Goldstone had been chosen as this year's recipient of the Tikkun Award because "the peace community both in Israel and around the world see Justice Goldstone as upholding the best ethical values of the Jewish community." [Haaretz]

That did sit well with the fake righteous ones possessed by Satan. They could not take it from the good Rabbi any more. His house was vandalized last night, and guess by who? A group of Jewish fanatics and extremists. The title of the press release read: "Rabbi Lerner's Home in the Berkeley Hills Attacked by Right-Wing Zionists"

If these idiot fanatic Jews were your enemy, don’t you think you should be very proud of it? I know I would.

One last comment:
If these fanatics in Occupied Palestine, New York and California feel free to treat the US president and an elder Rabbi like that, can you begin to imagine what life is like for the poor Palestinians, Muslims and Christians, living under their thumbs?


P.S. Do not hold your breath waiting to read in detail about all these US events in our 'fantastic and free' media.
Talking out it sounds antisemitic.

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  1. Wow !!

    What a group of misguided American citizens. They don't accept the basic American value of acceptance of those with whom one disagrees. These people have conveniently forgotten that the Jewish state hasn't controlled the land of Israel since the beginning of recorded history. It got the present territory, actually, twice. Once was when Moses led the Israelites from Egypt to the Sinai Peninsula and Joshua seized the land with devastating military action, slaughtering whole towns in his way. And the second was after World War II when the international community set aside land for Israel and pushed the Palestinians off it.

    Were these events God's will? Possibly. But, in my opinion, God has a way of discontinuing support of those who fail to live up to His precepts. It seems that the present violent Zionists have forfeited whatever divine protection they may once have had.

    Keep in mind that not all Jews in America share the Zionist views seen on the U-Tube Videos. My guess is that most are disturbed about their supposed Zionist compatriots but, unfortunately, not yet moved to publicly disavow their statements.

    Regards -- , Harry

  2. Harry, thanks a lot for the great reply and history perspective.
    I totally agree with you that most American Jews would not agree with the Jewish fundamentalist. Actually the strongest and bravest voices opposing the fanatic Jews come from Jews. I acknowledge and admire them. Rabbi Lerner is one many brave voices. Many other Jews are suffering on daily basis from abuse and name calling by fanatic Jews.

    A prime measure of a highly moral character is that it uses the same yard stick to judge every body, be it those who are next of kin, same clan members, or ones archest enemy. If we use different standards to judge those we like and those we do not like, then we have no standards at all.