Friday, January 9, 2009

Killing with your silk gloves on - Thugs in suits, and their thugs in battle fatigue

The Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, promised an "iron fist" for Hamas and "silk gloves" for the civilian citizens of Gaza.

But when thugs make you a promise that they would behave like humans, it is still stupid to believe them. And when the thugs in politician's suits are sending their thugs in hi-tech battle gear under a a name like Israeli Killers Forces - oops, did I say Killer Forces? Sorry, I meant Israeli Defense Forces - what you will get is the same centuries-old savagery in a 21 century style.

For the killers (oops again! I meant defense forces), it seems neater and cleaners: shooting is from a distance, killing is simply by pushing a button, and demolishing homes is conveniently at you finger tip by manipulating a small joy stick while you are in the comfort of your unmanned air vehicles command center, or from the convenience of air conditioned cockpit of you jet plane.

But, on the victims side, it is still the same old savagery: it is dirty, noisy, bloody with a lot of body parts around: body parts that belong to their parents, their brothers and sisters, their little playmates, or their little own bodies.
The body of a child is removed from a house in Zeitun
On the 'plus side', there is mercy on the high-powered guns and bombs. they kill you before you get to see the blood and body parts flying around. How civilized!

Unfortunately the unlucky one survive to see the horror. but I am sure that, deep inside, they really really appreciate Olmert's silk glove handling.

In their hearts I know they are saying:
"Thank you, Ehud Olmert, of caring. And, please remember to thank your friends in Washington for us.

Without their help, all this would not have been possible. \

You are a true light unto the nations.

And, they are a true gift to humanity."


  1. I'd like to recommend a blog for you to read. No, stronger than recommend -- PLEASE read her posts for the past two years, and get to know her.

    Eumelia, who writes at, is a young Israeli woman. Her family emigrated to Israel from South Africa, so she speaks and writes English fluently. She served in the Israeli army, and suffers from PTSD from her experiences in the latest Lebanon incursion.

    Eumelia is STRONGLY against the Israeli actions in Gaza now. She posts almost daily about protests against the war.

    Note that Eumelia is also gay, and talks sometimes in a non-sexual about her girlfriend. I hope that won't discourage you or other Muslims from reading her posts. She's intelligent, sensitive, and a very good writer.

    (She heavily screens anonymous comments. To comment on her blog, get a free basic account at LiveJournal here:

  2. To add to my previous comment: I hope more friendly people will post comments on Eumelia's blog. She is getting a lot of criticism on another internet forum that I frequent, where people are slamming her for "supporting terrorists".

    She is not, of course, supporting terrorists. She is supporting peaceful negotiations. She believes that moderate Palestinians and moderate Israelis can negotiate a peaceful two-state solution that will benefit everyone. If you and your readers, believe this as well, please comment and support her. Thanks!