Saturday, January 31, 2009

It must be sad to look back, and see it as it was!

I know GW is old news, but I have just received this cartoon in an email from a friend. It is not a funny cartoon, but it is amazingly sad.

Imagine yourself, with all the fire power, financial power, propaganda power, intelligence service capabilities in the galaxy at your disposal for a whole lot of 8 very long years. Yet, you leave the presidency with nothing you can claim as an achievement.

And when your best line on your way out is that history would be kinder to your legacy.... Boy, that really is bad. You almost feel sad for him.

The only thing going for our ex, is that he has proven himself consistently delusional, and predictably lacking when it comes to the perception of reality. And as long as he does not get treated, or miraculously acquires some common sense in the coming 40 or 50 years he still has to live, he will be fine.

So, having thought of that, I do not almost feel sad for him any more. I can just enjoy the thought that that nightmare is over.


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