Saturday, January 3, 2009

How stupid can a senior clergy be?

We are all familiar with the 'absent minded scientist' stereotype. And we all may have an example or two of brilliant scientists that left a legacy of funny stories about them, and rumors of weird obsessions and habits.

Some scientists may even be known for being mean and even evil people. We can live with an odd genius, when we see that their brilliance in their own science makes it all worthwhile.
But how would you put up with a 'scholar' whose weirdness is in his own science and knowledge.

I came across an example of the latter. An ugly example at a time when ugliness is coming in abundance from the poor land of Gaza, may God help its people.

For the Arabic speakers among you, please take a deep breath and calm down. Throwing your shoe at his image on the screen will only ruin your fancy LCD monitor.

For the non-Arabic speakers, here is the translation:
President of the Saudi Judiciary Council [states]: Demonstrations [in support] of Gaza is demagogic denouncement that prevents people from remembering God
London - President of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary in Saudi Arabia, sheik Saleh Al-Luhaidan, described the demonstrations by the Arab public in many Arabic countries to denounce the Israeli aggression in Gasa strip as "corruption on earth", explaining his interpretation by the fact that demonstrations 'stop people from remembering God, even if there was no rioting".
What on earth is this guy inhaling?

What is worse is that the position that guy occupies is not a secular position - it is a religious position as all judiciary activities are controlled by clergy in Saudi Arabia. That is to say this person is a religious authority!!!

And like a 'scientist', he uses evidence. In summary, his evidence was that the earliest recorded political demonstration in Islamic history (in his belief anyway), led to "evil and major trial of the Muslim nation".

He was in reality referring to a riot by angry mob over 1400 years ago, protesting the third Political leader in Islam, Uthman, nearly 20 years after Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, dies.

So, that Sheikh thinks a mob riot 1400 years ago is a valid argument against demonstrations supporting our brothers and sisters being bombarded by tons of high-powered explosives while their hands are tied.

Does the Prophetic saying that "Believers are like one body, when part of it is sick, the rest of the body responds with restlessness and fever" has some hidden exclusion for the people of Gaza?

And I guest this "scholar's" appointment and employment by the Saudi Royal Family - whose rules prohibit political demonstrations, and protests of any kind - is just a coincidence.

But as the saying goes: the worst of religious scholars are those fed of the Sultans money.

Some scholar he is. And with scholars like that, who needs enemies.


Links (Sorry, Arabic only):
رئيس مجلس القضاء السعودي: مظاهرات غزة استنكار غوغائي يصد الناس عن ذكر الله


  1. I am still amazed how, things like that,-although it is a routine- still takes me by surprise. I should prepare my self next time, so that I would not feel as disgusted as I am right now

  2. Khaled,

    Just this morning I was thinking of going is a shame! The people in Gaza have a merciful creator who will take care of them whether this "scholar" likes it or not.


  3. That explains the whole problem with the muslim world. We have the freedom and right to be bombed but not the right to protest against it.

    I suppose this person forgot the hadith of (I'm paraphrasing here) "When you see something wrong, change it by your hand, or at least by your speech, or at least feel in your heart that it is wrong but that is the weakest of faith." I wounder if this scholar even feels it in his heart???

  4. KeepLifeSimple: Beautifully put, and a great reminder of the meaning of the hadeeth (Prophetic saying that you quoted. thank you.