Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Presidential pardons that Stink

I do not search for nauseating news items. They just hit me in the face. and, there is a lot of them, and no matter how you manage your access to news media, they get you.

One that stood out was the posthumous 'Presidential pardon' for Charles T. Winters. I never heard of the man before. And he died in 1984, so why would I even notice, and why should I even care?

I noticed because it was allover the main stream media, talking about an 'unsung hero' according to NBC. It is on BBC and it is even an issue on Israeli media.

It turned out that that 'unsung her' is an American Protestant who bought 2 airplane bombers (B-17) for use in his agricultural business in the late 1940's!! Soon after that, he flew them to Czechoslovakia and had them fitted back to be the flying fortresses they used to be when they were used as real killing machines. The 2 bomber, back to life as killing machines, were then sent to third country that could not get them legally from the United States, where they were used for the real thing: to a bomb and kill people.

You would say: that Charles Winter is a criminal, an agent of a foreign country and deserves serious punishment. Well, the American courts in the later 1940's agreed with you and the man was sent to jail.

There seems to be very little reason why our 'smart' president would pardon this criminal, not to mentioned, how he even knew that he existed. But the mystery is not that difficult to decipher when you know that the criminal was smuggling powerful bomber to our BFF Israel. (Before your imagination goes wild about what BFF means, it is the instant messaging lingo for best friends forever)

Yes, he is an 'unsung hero' of Israel. Prominent Israeli politicians, American Jews, American Jewish politicians and pro-Israel non-Jewish politicians lobbied to get him pardoned 24 years after his death.

I guess the American justice system was wrong convicting a man that violated American weapons export laws, felt more allegiance to a foreign country than to his own country and its laws, and sent killer weapons to influence outcome of a foreign war that we are not part of.

But all that does not seem a crime if the foreign power is our cuddly friend, Israel.
Ex-President Clinton, under pressure from Isralei politicians, and after rich's wife contributed generously to Clinton's charities, also concluded his 8 years by issuing his own act finale 'I am a friend of Israel pardon' of Mark Rich. (Read more about this soap opera here.)

So, while we are at it: why are we keeping the Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard in our prison? Sooner of later we will yield to the persistent Israeli pressure to pardon him. So, we might as well save our tax payers' dollars, and send the bastard to his 'homeland'.

After all, he may soon be a member of the knesset, and gets entitled to some immunity. And no, I am not kidding nor am I delusional. The rightwing Our Land of Israeli Party has listed our convicted spy for the first rank on their election campaign list for knesset seats.

I wonder if any other country in world has allowed their spy in our jail to become their citizenship and run for office, what would have we done??

But again, Israel is not just any another country: it holds the holy grail to American political system. How Shameful...


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