Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Record Added to the Israeli Black History of Aggression

Will Israel be any safer after this???

With a one-day death toll of over 270 Palestinians, Israel has achieved another record: The bloodiest day in the history of Gaza.

Click on this heart-breaking picture from BBC or here to see a painful video on the BBC website or click here to see more pictures.

The BBC also a collection of official quotes from different parts of the world. They follow the usual pattern. US and UK are at one end. Iran and Arab countries are at the other end. Russian, UN and EU somewhere in the middle.

No thought process. No analysis. Just the usual pre-packaged knee-jerk statements.

The only quotation that is worth reading is the one by the Vatican official spokesman, Rev. Rederico Lambardi:
"Hamas is a prisoner to a logic of hate, Israel to a logic of faith in force as the best response to hate.
One must continue to search for a different way out, even if that may seem impossible."

Will they ever learn?


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