Monday, October 13, 2008

An idiot for a clergyman: Arnold Conrad's 'god' versus 'hindu, buddah or alla'

Check this weird (and scary) clip from a man of God !!!

This idiot (Arnold Conrad) painted himself in a corner. If Obama wins, that may be taken as one of the following:
  • a. Conrad's God is weaker that the 'other gods'
  • b. Conrad's God does not really like McCain and his supporters at all
  • c. Conrad and his followers have no god that will listen to them.
The idiot, Conrad, does not even realize that 'Hindu' is not a name of Hinduism deity.
And, for a Christian clergy to violate so many commandment of his own faith in less than a couple of minutes (e.g., using God's name in vain, and not trying the Lord, your God) tells us how desperate idiots like him, and his supporters, are.
It also goes to show how much sane people from any faith should be scared to death of whichever political or religious ideology that produces people like this person and his followers (such as this idiot in the picture below, From

This, unfortunately, is not the only time something like that happened. Many of you may still remember how one of our own [Lt] generals, William Boykin, (paid by your and my tax money) told his audience - and I am paraphrasing - that the the war on terrorism would show that 'our [Christian] God is bigger than their God'. If you are not scared yet by the words of zealots like this one, it may help scare you to know that Boykin was in 2003 our appointed deputy undersecretary of (no kidding) Defense for Intelligence!!!!!!!!!.



  1. I am glad that this videoclip had recieved its due attention from MSNBC. The sad part is that the free for all attack on Islam and Arab which is used to replace the N word. Those who are using the Christian cover to support their message are extensions of the KKK with their attack against the African-Americans under the patriotic and Christian message. As this speech shows, being a fanatic ends up hurting your own cause and show your ignorance. It is amazing that the pastor is calling on his God to "step up to the plate". In his ignorance he has already shown that he dares to speak like that to his God which makes him by defult less than the other Gods that their followers can not dare talking to them this way.

  2. Have you seen the clip where McCain responds to an accusation that Obama "is an Arab" by saying: "No, ma'am, he's not. He's a decent family man."

    Yep, McCain said it -- the opposite of "Arab" is "a decent family man"!

    Granted, I know some Iranians who might agree, so this isn't so much an issue of religious bigotry as it is racial/ethnic bigotry. But either way, it's very disturbing and frightening in a person who might become President of the United States.