Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jon Stewart on AIPAC parade of presidential candidates

It was nauseating watching the circus/charade by American presidential candidates before the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).
Obama's show was particularly heart-breaking to many progressives (see this and this)
It is sick that ALL those who want to serve in high office in the AMERICAN government have to prove their loyalty, friendship and dedication to the interests of a foreign power.
This is not new in American politics though, and it will not change anytime soon. So, do not hold your breath.
What is new is that more and more voices are having the courage to speak up about the problem. Progressive Jews in the USA and in Israel are more active than ever trying to counter the ill-advised and harmful loyalty that our politicians have to show to right wing Jews and pro-war Israelis.
Progressive American Jews - have taken on this difficult task at many levels from blogs by professional journalists (see those of Richard Silverstein , Antony Leowenstein, and Phlip Weiss as examples) to pro-peace organizations (Combatants for Peace and Women in Black) and pro-Palestinian activism (e.g., Anna Baltzer on the Middle East and Madison Rafah Project) , all the way to establishing a new Jewish Lobby that almost specifically is trying to balance the fanatic pro-war stance AIPAC (Check J-Street for more info).
The latest of those that joined the vocal group is no less than Comedy Central's Daily Show Jon Stewart himself.
This video is hilarious - a must see, especially the last minute.

Click on the links below to see the commentaries of Richard Silverstein and Philip Weiss on this segment.
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