Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Great Meaning of Life: Buffaloes, Lions and Crocodiles

As part of my daily routine looking for the world news - i.e., looking for heartache - I check the British Guardian online. Considering the sad state of affairs everywhere these days, I usually expect to leave with a heavier heart than what I got in with. The weight gets heavier as I move from the Guardian to the BBC, Haaretz, Al-Jazeera, etc -You get the picture.
Today, I got an uplifting bit of news from the Guardian web site. Maybe that is because the role of humans was only as spectators, not as active participants or decision makers.
You can watch the unique and very emotional video and decide for yourself what is special about it.
I fount it symbolic and inspiring: innocence versus evil, the weak versus the hegemons, etc.
How about this one: united we stand, divided with get eaten up.
May be I am reading too much into it, but I am desperate for something to make be feel better.
Watch the video, and look around you in the world of Man: any lesson to learn from animals?

The article in the Guardian give you the interesting history behind the video. Click below to read the article.
Baby buffalo's escape: the movie - the Guardian

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  1. Subhannah Allah.

    That was remarkable. Thanks for sharing.