Monday, March 10, 2008

Secular and Religious Jewish Knessette Members threaten Arab members: One day we will 'take care of you'

The ultra nationalist and former Minister of Strategic Threats in the Israeli Cabinet is still alive and well as a Knesset member (MK), and he is not of making his usual anti Arab statements and threats. Just as a background, he left the cabinet position because he thought the current government is soft on Palestinians not because he was, God forbid, fired as a result of his recurrent racist anti-Arab rhetoric.
Yisrael Beiteinu Chairman MK Avigdor Lieberman said at a Knesset plenary meeting on Monday, addressing Arab MKs, that "a new administration will be established and then we will take care of you."
This followed a a similar threat made by a fellow anti-Arab Knesette member, National Union MK Effie Eitam:
"one day we will expel you from this house, and from the national home of the Jewish people."
Leiberman, summarized how he feels about the current Israeli government, and strategic plan for Israeli Arabs:
"... today we have a government made up of wimps. Believe me, this is temporary, just as you are temporary here."
The 'Only real democracy in the Middle East', in his opinion, has something to learn from another democracy that we sent our troops to defend in the 1990's, Kuwait. Lieberman adds:
"Just as the Kuwaiti government knew ho to handle situations like these," referring to the Kuwaiti decision to deport citizens who attended a rally commemorating the arch terrorist Imad Mughniyah, who was killed in a bomb blast in Damascus on February 12.
Just indulge me for a moment: imagine if an Iranian or Moroccan member of the Parliaments said that about Iranian or Moroccan Jews. The whole civilized world will be on their case, teaching the 'backward' Arabs and Persians that in the civilized world, we do not do that!
I wonder if anyone will even notice what happened in the Knesset.

And that reminds me to thank God again for news outlets like Haaretz.

Lieberman to Arab MKs: One day we will 'take care of you'- Haaretz
MK Eitam to Arab MKs: One day we will expel you from Israel - Haaretz

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