Monday, February 4, 2008

So what if Obama were a Muslim?

So what if Obama were a Muslim? (by Leonard Pitts - Statesman journal, Oregan)

"Barack Obama is not a Muslim.We know this because he has told us so.We know it because there is no credible evidence to suggest otherwise.We know it despite a campaign of lies and whispers from various bloggers, pundits and head cases. Barack Obama is not a Muslim. But, what if he was?Same guy, same charisma, same inspirational idealism. But also, a Muslim. Not a crazy Muslim. Not a guy prone to strapping bombs to his chest in hopes of meeting virgins in heaven. A Kareem Abdul-Jabbar-type Muslim. A Dave Chappelle, Ahmad Rashad, Shaquille O’Neal-type Muslim. A guy you like and admire who just happened to be, you know ... Muslim.Would it matter? Should it?" [for the full article click this]

Self evident. No comment necessary on this one, but see Jim Hacking's post "Obama, the non-Muslim" on this blog.



  1. Listen up, with a name like "HUSSEIN" he was indeed a Muslim.

  2. Osama/Obama IS a freaking Muslim. And of course you are the pitts.

    Listen up with a name like "Hussein" THAT is a MUSLIM NAME, get it?

    PS. The mullahs in Iran would consider Barack Hussein Obama as a Muslim who has strayed from the reservation and became a “Christian.” Such a conversion is punishable by death in Islamic countries.

    ONCE a Muslim, always a Muslim!!

    Mohammad Ali only converted to Islam because he didn't want to get drafted, ya fool

    Click here:

    That is the original picture above - from an African website!!

    In a Rat world, that would be the kiss of death to a presidential campaign.

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