Friday, February 29, 2008

Anti-Semites for Obama - The Sleaze from Tennesse Republican Party

The smear campaign against Obama is going on - full steam ahead.
From the Muslim first name, to a 'Hussein' middle name, to Muslim attire pictures, etc, the pressure will not relent.

A recent Tennessee Republican Party press release has taken the sleaze to new heights with the title "Anti-Semites for Obama". That 'piece of work' was beautifully covered on Richard Silverstein Blog post.

I will not be trying to defend Obama. His campaign people can do a better job than I ever will. But for fun I did some research (thank God for Google), and I came across some interesting pictures from Ethiopian Sigd Festival - a religious worship in jerusalem.

Any of you with some familiarity with African attire realizes that most people in any particular region in Africa, as well as in any other part of the world, dress like their compatriots regardless of religion. So, look at these pictures and tell me: is it a Somali Muslim attire that Obama is wearing, or could it Ethiopian Jewish attire?
The point is attires, and names, do not matter.

If someone votes for Obama because of an attire, or because of his first or middle name, they are stupid.
If someone votes against Obama, for his attire, or because his first or middle name, they are twice as stupid.
I like his spirit. I like the spirit that his presence as a candidate has ignited in this country. If he is elected, that will tell me the great revival of America has begun.
That is why I will vote for him.


Just to be fair to all Abrahamic religions in Africa, i am adding a picture of Christian Ethiopian, and a group of Sudanese men. As you may be expecting: the dress is still almost the same.

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  1. The very fact that someone can be "smeared" by rumors of being Muslim is shameful.

    This reminds me of when Harry Truman was "smeared" by his opponents who said he had Jewish grandparents, that he was secretly Jewish.

    I believe Truman's reply to the antisemites was "I'm afraid I don't have that honor".

    I wish Obama's response would be similar!